Solar Eclipse and The News: How are they connected?

Friday, 8.18.17

When I first saw this video, I thought to myself, not another false flag attack. The Illuminati and Zionist Terrorists love to do their rituals, false flags, and other destructive and demonic conspiracies on these moon phases because they follow and worship their Sun, sun gods and other weirdness. So, something that appears coincidental always seems to happen on the certain dates, holidays, or events.

  1. The first thing to note is that the Solar Eclipse will be on this August 21st, which is a Monday. Now, that we know that, pray no pre-planned destructive incident will actually happen on this day.
  2. Conflict between Trump and North Korea can lead to war. The news will likely be filled with the usual propaganda to legitimize a need for WW3. This has been going on for a while now to prepare us for what is to come next.
  3. I quoted this from the video because I have never heard of Earth Ex. “Earth Ex 2017 is a decentralized, international, multi-sector, self-assessed exercised focused on the impact of long-duration power outages.” (My neighborhood has had a lot of power outages for the past couple of years, and they are really annoying, especially when you are on the internet and the computer just goes off. Who knows what all these power outages were for, but apparently there appears to be more planned for the future).
  4. Note what will actually happen on August 17th and August 23rd, in which I feel will likely to be a false flag attack. Remember, the Illuminati like to use these full moons and the solar eclipse to do their voodoo magic on others and the earth for their N.W.O. Did anything happen on August 17, 2017, which can also be written as 8.17.17? Barcelona, Spain disaster is likely to be another false flag…
  5. I noted from this video that there will be 3 phases. During Phase 1, there will be a widespread power outage with no solution on the third day. During Phase 2, there will be a 3-day widespread power outage, in which will lead to critical decisions, assessments, and actions that will need to be made. During Phase 3, there will be a widespread power outage—BLACK START—as well as communication and cross sector coordination, which will happen on the 15th day. And, Phase 4 will be the conclusion.  N.W.O.? Fema Camp?
  6. Black Sky Hazard will be created, which is some kind of catastrophic event that will severely disrupt the normal functions of infrastructures at many regions and for long durations.
  7. Cyber Terrorism
  8. More earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters are planned.


What do you think?


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  1. Anyone would think that there had never been a total solar eclipse before! They happen quite regularly, but are only seen in restricted areas of the Earth`s surface. This one will be visible in the United States – it`s no big deal!

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