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Solar Eclipse 2017

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Wow, sometimes things are much bigger than family, politics, or anything on a human scale.  We are amazingly here at a time when something historic happens on a solar system sized scale!

Monday will be a historic Solar Eclipse.

If you want to study more about it, there is a great resource from NASA that is very easy to understand for all ages.

Make sure and keep your loved ones from looking directly at the eclipse. You can’t even be sure if they bought “eclipse glasses” that they are really safe.  Scam artists take advantage of other people for every possible time and place, and fake/unsafe glasses have been sold everywhere – even on Amazon.

Children in school probably know more about this than their parents in most cases, but it still something that you can learn about and experience together.

Astronomy and related subjects were a favorite for me and my Dad as I was growing up.  I will never forget watching the wonderful historic events with him like the first Moon Landing, and all the other benchmarks in the 60’s and early 70’s from NASA.  Even laying on a blanket in the yard and finding constellations was a special bonding time for us.


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  1. I agree with you, Sally! When I watch the sky, I realize how small we are. Were you able to watch the eclipse yesterday? When I was little, there was an eclipse that I remember. My mother didn’t trust those glasses either and she didn’t let me watch it, but I remember that the sky and everything outside became brown. It was very impressive. And a few years ago I watched a meteor shower for the first time. Things like that make me realize how small and unimportant some of our problems are.

  2. Great post and thank you for sharing the information you’ve shared. The reality of the event is to be careful, and if you don’t look at the sun you will be fine. If you want to see more than the shadows on the ground then get glasses made for sun viewing. Or, watch it on one of the news networks today!

  3. Our marine layer will likely cover the eclipse here, which will only be 60% without the clouds. Meaning we will see dusk, it’ll probably be dark with the marine layer. Great advice, for viewing. I had made a quick post in Facebook after someone had wrote that they will have to keep their dogs inside all day. Also some people are actually putting those ridicules viewing glasses on their dogs. Being a dog trainer i thought I should post for the poor dogs out there. Dogs do not need to stay inside, they never look directly at the sun, they are too smart. Some people even wrote that they will follow your pointing finger, which is also false. No need to do anything special for animals.

    • Events like this have a lot of myths, traditions, and fears around them. It is also a once in a lifetime event – much bigger than us and our lives. It makes people think about the solar system and the universe instead of the little details that we are always so busy with.

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