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RT Explains 1984

Monday, 8.21.17, the day of the Solar Eclipse

I decided to post this video because I thought it makes a good book review for George Orwell’s 1984. Although I have the novel, I still haven’t read it yet, probably because I always end up reading something else or doing something else that I eventually forget about the book. But a couple of years ago, I watched the movie, 1984, on the independent channel, and it was very dark and eerie. I also noticed torture devices in the movie, used to make people cooperate. It looked like it was about a totalitarian dystopian society, filled with Police State, surveillance, depopulation agenda, and impoverished-looking slaves population. It kind of reminded me of The Hunger Games, but for adults. All these movies have the same theme anyway.

In this video, RT’s Abby Martin explains the novel, 1984. She notes and quotes certain areas from the novel. And, I think most of these ideas are already happening in 2017.


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