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Similarity between Egg and Universe !

Egg is a common part of our daily diet, but do you this egg is the asset of many secrets of our universe? If you look for its peel made of calcium carbonate and look at the world inside it, so within this, a small glimpse of our universe will appear.

Folk stories and ancient time stories proved the mention of eggs that egg is present long ago before us in this universe. Eggs had a central status in various religions and traditions, including ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and their cultures.

In the United States, a tribe belonging to South California, In one of their tribe it is told in their ancient story, that Just as the egg breaks, our universe was created exactly the same.

Similarly, another tribe of US state of Iowa “Omaha” believes that millions of years ago, an egg was thrown into the ocean, which is protected by a snake and all  those people are relaxing in this egg that is yet to coming to the world.

Is our universe like egg? In 2006, this idea was presented by NASA Wilson’s satellite information that the universe (like a egg) has a vertical shape. The scientific class has not yet confirmed or denied this hypothesis.

However, before this German astrology johannes kepler confirmed that in the 16th century CE. That all planets, including our planet, rotate in the edible circle, not in the round circle around the sun.

Similarly, according to experts, there is a similar similarity in the field of egg shell and moon, both are skull and granular. The egg’s organic structure also features its own inside, that If external pressure is placed on one side of it, then the pressure becomes divided into all parts, after which the present life remain safe. There are strong possibilities that we are living in a large egg, Although it is continuously spreading, however, despite all the development and advanced technology, experts can not determine the final.

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  1. Two interesting First People’s stories from the US – thanks for sharing those. The egg is intriguing, but also that it is a complete genetic copy of the bird that laid it. Well, a copy of the two birds that combined to produce the fertile egg.

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