Creating a Universe – 8

The remaining scientists worked hard to shrink the Bee, and the nanotech geeks were in overdrive.

The size of the Bee was reduced to one tenth. Others were to find the least disruptive path of the Bee and determined it should ‘crawl’ along the edges of The Chamber to a point where space was ’empty’.

Considering the speed at which this galaxy was existing, it’s motion could be so gradual as to allow compensation which would keep the Universe in Harmony.

This was it.  This was the big moment.

The Space Bee was launched.

Only those who had access to very powerful microscopes could see it.

The Space Bee began to travel.   It traveled for two weeks at the slowest speed possible not to be standing still. It sent images of stars and planets, planets which seemed to be developing an’atmosphere’.

Because the Bee was controlled by a human observer, t could be focused on one world. A world where it seemed ‘life’ was beginning.

This led to the creation of another committee as to the possibilities.

At some point a scientist  was allowed to explain that life would move so fast on the ‘planets’ the human eye couldn’t see it.


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Written by jaylar