Creating a Universe – 4

The  scientists stood around the Chamber, watching The group around Doctor Bronz,, who had worked on exactly how powerful the light should be.

The group led by Dr. Cernac, had calculated the length of time it should remain at top level before fading.

Other groups worked on the composition in The Chamber, the development of the microscopes, the extra sensitive film to record what was happening, which had to be kept in its own vacuum because it moved so quickly it would burst into flame.

Hundreds had worked on the project, and now they stood, watching nothing.

Some were bored after a minute and left, others remained two more minutes before finding something else to do. Only a few remained for over five minutes, imagining the Universe being created.

As they came from the darkness into a dimmed corridor, the main topic of conversation was what the pompous old fart hadn’t said.


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Written by jaylar