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Macro Monday – A collection

A collection of flowers and fruit. 

Mangere Bridge Flower with bee inside

Flower is called "Love in the Mist"..One of the flowers on the berm of the road

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Flower from Mangere Bridge

Another flower on the same berm of the road as the one above

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Aloe Vera Flower in our garden

Flowers once a year. Leaves are good for mosquito bites, burns and skin irritations. Has other medicinal properties

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. The Autumn leaf is amazing! You are as good with flower pictures as you are with birds! Climate change is impacting all of us. The rain you normally get is falling in Arkansas right now. They are at a 74 year high for the rivers!

    (since there are 5 flood control lakes on the river in the last 50 years that makes this really bad)!


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