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Love In The Puddle ~ 365 Photos Challenge #123

Some of the most powerful things when looking at the rain contemplatively are to notice the puddles, the splashing of water when raindrops fall in the puddle, and the reflections that appear on the surface.

I’m sure you all know that a lot of leadership principles, wisdom, or other teachings come from the nature of water. But still, the wisdom is still always interesting to contemplate, especially in the rain.

As we know, water is always looking for a low or empty place, and that’s where it gets stagnant. In the puddle, whether mossy, muddy or clean, whatever is reflected on the surface will be the same and clear. However water splashed, or rippled, the reflection would only shake, dance as the droplets came and always came back to normal.

How fascinating it is. There we find proof of love, the proof of the clear soul that is not affected by the dirtiness or ripples by the situation. As the water searches for an empty and low place, so does Love. Those who are humble are always filled with love. The more depth, breadth, or empty the more love abundance. Just as the Water runs from the top of the mountain to the lake and into the sea, so will the love of abandoning the height of egoism and arrogance.

For Love is the soul, and the soul is love, the soul will remain in its place and will remain clear even though the person who is occupied by is muddy. The clear Soul keeps reflecting the beautiful light as it is, despite dancing along the ripples by storm and tempest shocks.

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  1. You always seem to top your previous post. I can’t give you an A. What is higher than an A lol? I know a stack of A’s lol. Your posts are great, they help us all grow with much wisdom.

  2. The picture is awesome Albert, the reflection of love in the world even better. The peace I find in the rain is the fact that I don’t have to go out into the world in the rain. 🙂

  3. We must always be clear in the speeches. And tell the truth, not talk about people’s sponge. And I believe like you both that the soul does not die.