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Let’s take a walk and check out some flowers and stuff…

This is the rest of my walk that I took on Monday afternoon. It was a beautiful day.

I have been trying different formats for stories in Virily. I kind of like these ranked lists. I can still write the same kind of article and talk about each picture which is what I found I really like to do.

I was the last of the baby boomers meaning I was born in 1962. I remember my dad loved taking pictures of the family and graduated to the HOME Reel to Reel Camera. Oh those home movies, it seems all of my friends parents bought one, and we used to have to sit through endless home movies of people’s trips, and family outings, and gatherings. It used to be so boring so I find it really hard to believe that in this day and age people take pictures of everything they do, and we love it. What’s the difference? I know! The difference is that this is online and reaching all parts of the world.

What was left to National Geographic and Mutual of Omaha Documentaries we get to check out the more personal aspect of the “home movie” so to speak.

That being said, here is my view of this old deserted mobile home park, or rather part three of this park.


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  1. Your laughs make me think we have ceased to create. But to ruin it, we do it very easily. These photos are posted in a local daily newspaper. Perhaps one of the rich may be touched. And refine some of your Kim pictures.

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