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The Grounds at the Mission and Interesting Facts

The mission’s grounds are so beautiful!

Here are some interesting facts and history:

The natives who lived here before the mission was built were part of the Shoshone Tribe and numbered around 3000. Fathers Lasuen, Santiago and Peyri gave them the name Luiseno.

The aqueduct water system brought water from the nearby river through a series of 12 underground pipes made of burnt brick. A charcoal filtering system purified the water for drinking, the water then led into a series of open air ducts to the lavenderia or open air laundry, after that it traveled to the gardens to water the plants.

In 1833 The Decree of Secularization was issued by Mexican Governor Jose Echeandia, and the lands were sold or gifted to colonists and members of the military who established huge ranchos.

In 1846 Governor Pico sold the mission for $2,437 dollars and what was left further plundered and left to ruin and decay.

Construction of the mission was completed around 1815 by the natives under the direction of Father Lasuen, Santiago and Peyri.

Here is an old fountain.

The bell tower in the cover picture served as a lookout from which a guard could signal workers in the field of visitors approaching.

There were more than 200 arches at one time here. This one leads into a garden, and has the old bells displayed here.

The mission’s compound covered six acres around a 500 foot square patio.

The mission grounds had 30 miles of land at one time.

The walls of the mission were 6 – 9 feet thick.

The flowers are gorgeous.

More of this flower.

ID anyone?

And these..

I am not sure of what they are either.

And lastly the Mesquite Tree.

The wood used to build the mission was hauled in from nearby Palomar Mountain and Mesquite Trees were used to build the mission.

The natives also used this tree as a medicinal herb for treating a lot of ailments. Tea boiled from the bark cured diarrhea, colic and healed flesh wounds. The leaves mixed with water and urine, cured headaches. The gum preparations soothed ailing eyes, soothed a sore throat, and cleared up dysentery.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of the grounds. Thank you for visiting!


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