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Four Colourful Birds of New Zealand

These are some colourful birds of New Zealand. I am a Newbie of Guru shots and these were my entries.

Except the last one the New Zealand Saddleback on Tiritiri Island.

When you photograph birds it can be either like a cat chasing a mouse or else, you can ask a bird nicely for permission to take it’s photo. I often say, “Thank You!” to the bird later on.

A bird can tell your mood when you approach it. It’s survival depends on it’s instincts and they also know if you care for them. I know that because when I have rescued sick birds around my house, they go up to the door so that I can see them to take them into bird rescue.

To go to bird rescue in GreenBay is a long drive but I trust Lyn Mac Donald the woman in charge to care for the bird well. She gives her all, she doesn’t have time off and has a team of volunteers to work for her. She has been made a Dame for her dedication for sick birds.

Bird Rescue is a worthwhile cause to support.

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  1. I have always noticed that you subject seem to be in love with you. I learned a trick when photographing birds like these. You do the right thing, introduce yourself. I slowly close my eyes when they make eye contact, followed by showing my bare neck to them. We then are automatic buddies. Love your photos!


    • Thanks Kim, I always talk nicely to the birds around me. They are quick to move but yes, they sense my love for them. Animals know and respond. Birds are a gardener’s friend, they eat all the garden pests. Hence, I love birds. They are curious, full of humour and wit.



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