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Daily post – no 8

Still raining, still cloudy, still windy and cold. Until the raspberries are ripe, I’m settling for strawberries and cherries ?. Not from my garden, though, they’re getting a little red, but they need more sun before turning into a sweet delight. I bought some from the market, they were pretty good, but not as good as mine will be.

Another old photo, two strawberries from my garden and that’s my hand. I miss the times when I was eating all kind of fruits directly from the plants (we never ever used chemicals on them).


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Written by Gogata Ionut


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    • I would love to do it too, but now I live in the city, my parents take care of the gardens at the moment. Fortunately they are supplying me with all kind of chemicals free fruits and vegetables as well as organic meat.

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