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Shooting in the rain

Rain, rain, rain… What to do when you’re stuck at home and it’s coming down cats and dogs…  Well, make the best of the situation! Me – I like taking photos. So – have a look at my pics below.

These are taken through the glass of windows – my home window and my car windscreen or window.  One can either focus on the subject outside or on the water droplets. Both can produce interesting results.  Personally, I like focusing on the droplets, leaving the ‘subject’ outside a lil blurry.

So now you know what to do when the rain comes down! Have fun!! 🙂

An ‘arty’ black and white of the scene outside my home window

Waiting in the car, in heavy rain, I pointed my mobile camera at the street light through the rain coming down through my car window – makes for an interesting shot.

Remember – there are no rules on this – experiment and see what you come up with. Cheers!


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Written by ac khoo