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Virily newbie speaks

Today is my 8th day at Virily and for me being here is just what the doctor ordered.  This is a ‘photo centric’ site in that the more photos one has  to show case the more opportunity one gets to post . I see a good future for me here not in terms of earnings but interacting with those who share my interests. I have loads of photos on many subjects and am waiting to use them here. 

Ten posts that I have written have been published and a few more are pending.  I am still groping and hope to get the hang of the site soon enough not to make mistakes. 

The users here are friendly and helpful creating an atmosphere that will make users to stay on. 

I do not know how well I am doing here and if 1700 plus virily is good so let it be. 

I never knew those two tiny triangles one pointing upwards and the other down is to up vote and down vote  as the case may be  I hope to go back to all those posts that I have responded and up vote all those posts.  No I will never down vote you. 


What do you think?

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    • Hmm… I guess everyone reacts differently …
      “WTF” may not be your post but the content … say I gave a WTF reaction to a post about animal abuse, solely because I’m disgusted by the abuser and the act of animal abuse and not the writer or the post!
      And then I went an gave a Love It for the writer! LOL
      contradicting but that’s how my brain tells me to react …

  1. First of all – glad you are here and thank you for this post!

    You are welcome to downvote any of my posts you do not like. It will help me grow as a writer. It is ok not to like everything!

    Our community is growing! Positive comments, helpful tips and people asking questions make us stronger!


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