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Now and then when I am on Virily I see a pop-up telling me I could become a Virily blogger. Can anyone tell me more about this pop-up? Does becoming a Virily blogger help you make more money than just writing for Virily in general?

As you all know it is hard to make money writing. Is this the type of blog where you would have to read and comment on other bloggers entries to earn money? I write me on Blogit, and bloggers there get paid to read and comments on other blogger’s entries. Having a blog seems to pay better than just writing articles and such.

If anyone here could tell me more about becoming a blogger on Virily please give me as much information as possible. Maybe even write a post about it. There may already be a post on this topic.

Virily is a great site to write on, however, maybe becoming a Virily blogger would be great too.


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