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This really made me feel blessed.

When I went to Church one Sunday, I sat next to a lady I had never met before.  During the sermon, I noticed she was doodling on small pieces of paper.  She had done 2 drawings, this being one of them.  When the sermon had finished, I commented on how lovely the drawing was, and she replied “Have it,” and handed it to me.  I replied, “Oh no, you don’t have to do that.”  But she said, “Please do.”  And she handed me this drawing what she did.  What she told me was that during each sermon she is inspired to draw pictures when which contains certain words or phrases and that inspires her during the sermon.  And if anyone says they like the drawings, she gives it to them.

I came away from Church feeling very blessed and humble.  I had never met this woman before, and don’t even know her name.  But she was kind enough to give me this lovely drawing.  It is simple, I know.  But that’s besides the point.  The point is it conveys love and kindness.  The text in the drawing says “God never abandons us.”  I think that is right.  God will never abandon us.  I shall keep this drawing and look at it to remind me how God always loves us, even when we feel down or alone.


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