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Reading May Help Stressful Situations Heal

I have been going through some problems that have left me feeling sorry for myself. Normally I do not talk defeated. I have survived this long due to being brave in the face of troubles. Well, today I felt myself feeling like nobody could make my life feel right again. I have had too many blows to the head it seems.

After some of the issues I have been facing come to a crossroads, I decided to help work with myself and not against myself. First, I would like to thank Albert Herdianto Widjojo for counseling with me today. He’s such a good listener and adviser, and most of all good friend. He told me things that he never thought would have an impact on me. But his words did help me. Just by listening I let off some much needed steam.

Then later in the evening I decided to read a book that I had gotten at a book sale donation the other day. The book is called “Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye” by Allison Dubois. This book is the true story of a woman who inspired “The Medium” a hit NBC television series.

Reading may be a part of the healing process if one hurting can look for other ways to channel their pain. Reading may take your problems out for a walk sort-of-speak, and let your mind travel to far away places, and while doing so leave worries behind for a while.

This book is absolutely awesome. Carol DM this book will have you holding on to it for life. It talks about how our loved ones can give us messages in many ways. If you love true mysteries, this is the book for you. I will never be the same after reading this book. I have only read a few chapters and I know my problems will seem fewer, because I am reading about other people that really have problems worse than mine.


What do you think?


Written by LaJenna

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  1. I’ve found reading about anything helps me just put down my problems for a short time, and the burden usually seems lighter when I pick it up again. Some folks might call this escapist behavior, but only if they’re idiots…

  2. Thank you LaJenna, I will definitely look for this book. Sounds like exactly what I need as well. As for our friend Albert, isn’t he the best? He is a great listener and has helped me on many occasions.

  3. This is your most beautiful song! I goose bumps and moved to listen to the various expressions and riches of notes here. This song also brings the good news because your prayer has been answered by God through inspiration and greater power of the higher level.

  4. To my mind, reading is very useful and universal for everybody. It plays a great role in people’s lives, helping to reduce stress, get rid of insomnia and find solutions to complex problems, calmly perceive variability and uncertainty. Hope that you will not have stressful situations in the future and your friends and reading will always help you!!!


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