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Questions For The Virily Crew

Once again I have a few question for The Virily Crew, I would like an answer to.

The first one is:

Does Virily writers get virils for their posts that receive an up-vote? I know if this is true I would have more virils. Just wondering about that question lately.

The second question:

What is the OPPS all about right before I log in? The is the exact message on the page before I can log in: This has been going on everyday for a month it seems.

Ooops, sorry! We couldn’t find it

You have requested a page or file which doesn’t exist

I know that most all Virily members, or  the Crew as I classified from my title of this post, will help in the time of need here. I wrote a post before about a question I was having, and before I knew it, I had many comments, that was very helpful.

Now, I am puzzled by a few things here, just want to understand better. Thank you in advance for coming to the rescue with answers to my concerns. The Virily Crew has always helped their fellow writers as far as I know. The Virily Crew is great!


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. Hi LaJenna!
    No Virils are received when someone upvotes your post.
    However receiving upvotes can make your post more popular and plus you know who has upvoted it 🙂
    You can read the ‘How are Virils awarded’ questions at the FAQ section for all the information about actions that earn you virils

    I am not sure I understand your second question though, If you could send a screen shot or the url perhaps it could help more!

    All the best,


  2. To my knowledge, there are no virils for upvote but we get when our post is visited before upvote (except friends who provide upvote via post list in our profile). I do not know about the second one, but I think it’s just the automatic page set up before login or to make us log in.

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