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Is There Such a Thing as a Virily Purpose?

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Well, I believe that every Virily member has a purpose for many reasons.

The purpose of poetry – to sooth the soul.

Poetry tends to open the minds of all that read them in some unique way. Writers learn from their own poetries as well. I learn to stay in tune with what is happening around me. That gives me a sense of purpose, and that I must share my thoughts with the world. This is a most fulfilling purpose which is to be needed.

Polls and quizzes – to educate the mind

A lot of Virily members have been posting polls and quizzes. There are too many topics are to mention. They will intrigue the readers to finish the polls or quizzes and then search for more of them. I enjoy taking polls and quizzes. By taking them, the mind can’t help but grow in many ways. The purpose of them are educational in many ways. Readers are tested, and the scores keep them taking more quizzes and polls trying to get that perfect score. Then, education fills the reader’s mind with interesting questions and answers.Taking polls and quizzes do hold purpose.

Photographs to enlighten the viewers with much curiosity.

A lot of Virily members are great at using or taking captivating photographs.Looking at all the different types of photographs, it helps you get inside the writer’s head a little better. Sharing thoughts about great photographs can lead to a better sense of well being. Now that is a great purpose for such posts- looking at flowers or rainbows on a special photograph just can’t help but lift the spirit of the readers. Now that type of a post has great purpose.


Many stories are told here on Virily. They can help enrich our lives. It may even help a child go to sleep better. There are many purposes for telling stories here on Virily. These stories help us to get to know more about the person that the stories are about, and it also tells stories about the author that wrote the post.

Writers feel a purpose every time they write a word for a particular post. They feel a sense of urgency to get what they want to say out into the open and see who can benefit from them.

What purpose do you think comes out of your writing? I hope the purpose of my writing is to give hope to my readers that all things are possible if you know where to look for the answers.

I feel we all should want to get to the heart of all of our readers in some unique way.


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna

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  1. A really nice post. Pointing out that there can be real purpose in the different ways to post here is worth thinking about. I’m still learning my way around here, but whenever and where ever I write I hope it will be useful to readers and worth the time they take to read my work.

  2. I am personally here to see and pay attention to the beauty of people with their own uniqueness, the beauty of their works, their way of thinking and the flow of their attitude change towards everything especially to this community. Of course it is in addition to posting my own works, which are merely to show and share the beauty of our lives all, in any way I can do with all my limitations.

  3. How wonderful of you to think like this. I agree there are many different types and personalities here that come out as they publish their posts. A lot to learn and I am thankful to have met friends such as yourself.


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