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Photography Series ~ Part 10

Hello everybody,

I hope you are enjoying my photography series so far. I know I have shared quite a lot of photos so far, and I have many more where that comes from.

Over the past 10 years or so, I have taken many photos (more than I could ever count). I love being able to share them all with you here. So thank you to all who have viewed them so far and left feedback!

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Flower Throwback Photo

As you can see in the photo, this was taken back in 2011.  I don't remember exactly when I started taking photographs, but I know it was before 2011. 

I don't know what this flower is, but it's very pretty in my opinion. 

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Kitty in Black & White

This was one of my favorite cats that my grandmother took care of/fed.  The cat was called Blindy because it was blind, but we all still loved it.  

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Flowers – Pop Art Edit

This is a pop art edit on a photograph of some flowers (Daisies maybe).  

What do you all think of the edit? 

Pretty Pink Flower

I thought it was a Rose at first, but I think it might be something else because of the size of the bloom.

Fall Leaves

I think the colors of the leaves in the fall are so pretty (although green is nice too).

Pink and Blue Clouds

Another photo taken back in 2011.  I also edited the photo some, as you can probably tell.   

What do you all think of the photo/edit? 

Red Rose

A photograph of a red rose that I took and then edited a little bit.  

White Coneflower Edit

I've shared photos of this flower before, but this is an edit I did on a photo of it. 

City of Rocks – Edit

Here is one photograph that I took at the City of Rocks.  Soon I will have one of the posts in the series with just photos of the rocks once I find them in my files.   

Pretty Tiny Flowers

At one point I knew what these flowers were called, but right now I can't think of the name. 


What do you think?