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Photography Series ~ Part 9

Hello everybody,

I decided to post some more photos in my photography series. I haven’t been around much the past few days because life gets busy.

These are photos I have taken over the past 5+ years with different cameras (digital, DSLR, phone cameras).

I hope you all enjoy the photos as you have so far in the series!  I’ll keep posting them as long as I can.

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Up in the Sky

This was taken one time traveling to the City of Rocks.  We detoured to go see Lake Cleveland and had to go up the mountain and saw this view.  I had to photograph it!

Water Spout

How you get water when camping.

White Flower (edited)

Mostly just put a gradient over the photo.....but I hope you enjoy!

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Bright Yellow Flower

It wasn't the best quality of a photo so I tried to fix it with editing.

Water Fountain in the Park

I shared a black and white photo of this fountain before....but here is a photo in color.  


Something historical in our town.   

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Flower Bud

Before it bloomed. I thought it looked cool!

Pretty flowers

These are indoor flowers my grandmother has.  

Cool Nature Shot

Not sure what these are, but thought it looked cool!

Pink flowers (with a bug)

Can you find the bug? 

What do you think?

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