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Photography Series (Part 4)

I have more photographs to share with you all. I have been enjoying this photography series because I get to share all my old photographs that I have taken since I started taking pictures.

They started with a digital camera, some are with my DSLR camera, and some even with a phone camera. I may even share some taken with film camera.

I hope you will enjoy the photos 🙂 More to come soon!

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Cowboy Boots With Flowers

This was taken at a fair one year that my husband and I went to.  I think this was an auction that was held at the fair. 

Another Boot

I think that is a great idea to use a boot for flowers and such. Do you agree? 


I think it's such a pretty flower! This is in my grandmother's garden.

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Different color sponge flower?

Same flower in a different color.  I think they are cool, just no idea what they are!

Another shot of those flowers….

I see a tag for the flower in the background, but can't read it unfortunately.

If any of you know, I'd love to know as well 🙂 


This is my grandpa's baby.  She's much older now (around 10 years or more) and she's blind and most likely can't hear either.  She's still around, but I don't know much longer she'll be able to go on.  

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This is Trouble, my grandma's dog....he's a few years younger than Gidget....and in better health.  He's a Pekingnese breed.  

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