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Photography Series (Part 2)

Today I am sharing the next part in my photography series.

These photos are any taken over the last 10 years or so. Some were taken with digital cameras, some with phone cameras, and some with my DSLR. I’ll try to remember which kind was used….but I don’t remember all the brands I used.

The photos are mostly flowers, but there are a few pets in this one.

I hope you will enjoy all these photos, more to come soon!

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Photography Series – Part 1 

Mama Kitty

My great grandmother loves kittens, so anytime one comes by she'll feed it.  For a while there was a mama cat that kept coming around....and when it had babies, she'd bring them for food. 

This was such a beautiful cat.  I am not sure what happened to her, but she stopped coming around.  

Pretty Flower

I have no idea what this flower is called, but I thought it was very pretty.  Maybe one of you who are familiar with flowers will know the name!  🙂 


This was my dog while I was growing up.  Five years or so ago, she passed away....she lived a long life though.Shortly after, my mom got Fifi.  I think she wanted a puppy around because I had moved out and she was on her own.  

White Coneflower

I am pretty sure on the name of this, because it is one of my favorite flowers.  I just think it is such a pretty and unique flower. 

What do you think of it? 

Pretty Yellow Flower

Is it a Daisy? I am not sure, I thought it was pretty though....so I wanted to share it for all the flower lovers!

More Yellow Flowers

I thought this was a neat shot....with more than one bloom in the photograph.  

I think I know what these are, but I can't think of the correct name.


I think that is what these are....but again,  I am not good with names.  

I hope you have enjoyed all the photographs 🙂 

One more shot

I am pretty sure this one is a rose.  

Thank you for viewing all my photographs 🙂 

Another Pretty Yellow Flower….

Once again, I am unfamiliar with the name of this flower....I just like sharing the photographs.  I am sorry I don't know all the names!

What do you think?

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