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Photography Series Part 5

I am back to share some more photography with you all. With all the issues going on lately, I’ve had a hard time getting on to post or even reply to comments/view new posts.

Hoping soon things will get back to normal.

In the meantime, I will try to post when I am able to.

I have another handful of photographs to share that were taken over the past 5+ years.  I hope you all will enjoy them!

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The Canal

This is the canal by my great-grandmother's house.  Have lots of memories with this body of water.  My cousins and I even went swimming in it once or twice.  

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The Pasture & Trees

Even though the grass isn't green, I still think it looks nice.  The trees make up for that since they are green!

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More Pasture Photos

Not sure what this object is, but it looks cool in the photo. 

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I was able to capture a butterfly once! Not the greatest photo, but I had to share it!

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This is the birdhouse at my great-grandmother's house.  Not sure it's in use anymore, but still it hangs...

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I really like them in this color!  I can't wait till spring/summer to photograph more flowers. 

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Hiding in the garden

The white kitten is hiding in the garden....I thought it was cute!

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Mama Kitty

Here is Mama Kitty again (you may remember her from one of my other posts).

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