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Photography Series Part 6

Hello everyone,

I have another part in my photography series to share with you all. I have so many photos I’d love to share, but only can share so much at a time.

I hope you’ll enjoy these photos as you all have (it seems) in the past. I enjoy sharing them all with you!

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Lovely Sunset

Here is a photograph of a sunset I took a few years back ( don't remember exactly when).  You may see a lot of sunsets with these trees because this is always the best sunset spot. It's at my great-grandmother's house.  

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Another photo of Gidget

She's always been such a beautiful dog....she's still hanging on but we all feel bad about what she's going through.

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Dracula’s Castle

Here is another castle designed by a student.  Not sure what kind of project they were all doing, but they have cool designs.

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Miniature Table and Chairs

These were adorable....and so tiny!  I know today mini food and other things seems to be a thing, so this seems to go along with that very well.

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Castle Model

If you remember in one of my past parts of the series I had photos from the Country Fair....this was shown in that fair as well.  A student put this together.  

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Cool Design

Another student put this together and it was shown at that same country fair.  Maybe I'll go back this year and see what is shown!

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Classic Car at the Fair

This was shown at the fair as well in a different section than those other items.

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Ceramics/Art at the Fair

More items at the Country Fair auction.  

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Pretty Flowers

I think they are in a boot as well, but I can't tell for sure.

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Ferris Wheel Design

This one is put together as a ferris wheel....that's pretty cool!


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