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Photography Series (Part 1)

I hope you all will enjoy this series I have decided to share.

I have taken many photographs over the past 10 years….some definitely not worth sharing….but some I hope are. The ones I think might be worth sharing I will within this series.

They could be flowers, trees, sky, people, animals, etc. Some of the post might have a certain theme, others very random.

Thank you all for checking out my work so far and I hope you’ll enjoy what I share in the future!

Rotary Pathway Sign

This sign is near the hospital in our town.  I just liked the shot with the bridge in the background and the rocks below the sign.  

What do you all think of the photograph?

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Bike Path

This is the bike/walking path in the park near where my mom lives.  I've walked it before when I used to walk for exercise (now I work out indoors).


A very green tree....I like it with the blue sky in the background....very contrasting!  

Changing Leaves

This was taken in the fall as the leaves were changing colors.  I love when that happens, it's so pretty.

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More leaves changing color

I think the color is so pretty when they change.  Do you agree with that?

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Pretty Pink Flower

Not sure what the flower is (as usual) but I thought it was pretty.  I know there are some that will enjoy the photo, at least I hope!

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Same Flower?

Think this is the same kind of flower in the last shot....but a prettier bloom (if that's what you call it).

Which photograph is your favorite? 

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What do you think?