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Photography Series ~ Part 7

Hello everybody,

Yes, I am back to share another part in my Photograph Series. Β I know I have been sharing them almost daily….but I have enough photos that I probably won’t run out for a while! Β I hope you all are enjoying them πŸ™‚

Maybe you’ll like some….but not others, but hope all in all they are enjoyable posts!

This set has more “edited” photos…..I don’t always edit (as you’ve noticed in the first 6 parts) while other times I do….I’d love to know which you like better.

They all say “Poetic Enigma” on them…..that is my old pen name I used on other writing sites. Β Just wanted to write that for anyone new who may see this.

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Butterfly Edit

Hopefully you can see the butterfly and it's not too camoflauged with the leaves. 

Purple Flower edit

Is this a Cosmos flower?  I am trying to remember some of their names...but I could be totally wrong.

Macro Shot

I don't remember which flower this is, but I was trying to get a macro shot of the middle part of the flower (not sure what it's called). 

Tree Edit

I love all the green in this photo, it's very strong...but I think it's pretty.  I don't remember all the editing I did on these photos...but I hope you all enjoy!

Trees & Green Grass

Another photo of some trees....this is in our town square/park.  I really like the brightness of the green grass. 

Big Heart Shaped Leaf

I thought the shape of this leaf was so cool!  What do you think? 

Trouble – King of the Couch

He used to always love to sit on the arm of the couch or a chair...he doesn't really do that anymore as he's older and doesn't get up on the furniture anymore.  

Kittens in the Garden

Two of my grandmother's cats hanging out in her garden.  It was always fun to go visit her and spend time with all the cats that came by.

Beautiful Flower

This is the same flower that I shared earlier that I took the "macro" shot of....I think it's a pretty flower, but don't know the name.  

Park Swings

I don't know how I feel about this edit, so I thought I would share it and let you all decide!  Do you like this one? 


What do you think?