Mysterious Feather at my Front Door

Friday, 8.11.17, around 7:15 pm

I was at my computer, and I decided to check my mailbox. My front door was opened, but my screen security door was locked to air out the house. When I opened my white screen door, I noticed a large brownish-gray feather very close to my door. As I picked up and looked at it, it just looked different for some reason, much different from any other large feather that I found on the ground. For some reason, it seems special or prettier than most feathers. It looks soft and fluffier than most feathers that I found, even though it might actually be the same. I think it is a sign, but I am not sure what the message is.

I googled this feather incidence, and I finally found my answer. Someone had asked, “What is the superstition about finding a single large feather outside your front door?” And, below this question, I noticed the following answers.

“I understand it meant your guardian angel is watching over you.”

“A large feather means the spirit of the bird will watch over you…It’s Good Luck…”

“I can recall in times gone by white feathers were given/delivered to men considered to be cowards. My Nan used to say that they were a sign from a departed loved one wishing to be remembered.”

“20 years of good luck.”

I don’t know if any of this is true, but it is interesting. I think it is probably about angels being around me or maybe a late family member is nearby, watching over me or something like that.

I decided to take two snapshots of this mysterious feather that mysteriously showed up at my door. Also, note that all my bird feeders have been empty all this week, and I don’t have any more bird seeds. And, I saw this feather this evening. So, I don’t think any bird came to my doorstep to eat bird seeds. I am sure they are aware that I don’t have any bird seeds this week.


What do you think?


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