Feathers Symbolism

I dropped by the gas station to fill my MX-3, and I accidentally used Unleaded Plus, which was a little bit more expensive. But I could have sworn that I pressed the Unleaded, although I later noticed the Unleaded Plus light came on while I was pumping gas. Who knows? Unleaded Plus is supposed to be better anyway. I returned home to turn on the computer and check on things. Suddenly, I noticed the time was 3:33 pm.

I take a break from the internet and eat some raw vegan falafel with dip. When I finish eating my dinner, I notice that the time is 5:55 pm. I decided to go to Woodbridge for a 5-mile walking group meetup or street-hiking meetup. It took 2 hours to walk around 2 lakes, and we had a large group of people. I decided to pick up stray feathers from geese and ducks on the walking trail. It isn’t uncommon to see feathers everywhere here because there are lots of geese, ducks, and other birds. I saw one cute geese family with 4 or 5 baby goslings. They were all so cute.

I picked up a couple of white feathers in the beginning before I started picking up big geese feathers. Suddenly, I noticed one geese feather standing upright in the grass. I went to pick it up, and I noticed a small clam shell nearby. I think this must be another sign, but I am not sure what it means.

I noticed that it was dark at 8:30 pm. I wasn’t hungry. So, I didn’t feel like going out to eat with some people. I decided to go home and relax. As I was driving home, I noticed that the Unleaded Plus gasoline was good for my 94 MX-3. The engine sounded better than before, and it was doing OK before. I might consider switching to Unleaded Plus for my old Mazda, even though it is a little bit more expensive at 3.019 while regular Unleaded was 2.8 per gallon. Maybe this is today’s positive sign.

When I arrived home, I decided to google the symbolism of feathers. Feathers have to do with birds, which have to do with freedom, inspiration, and travel. And, travel can mean physically traveling or traveling with the mind and spirit. (This sounds like my main character in my graphic novel). Moreover, feathers are also symbols of giving thanks and appreciation, as well as fertility. It can also mean setting intentions for growth and abundance. It also can be seen as a gift, and they represent messages. The person who finds feathers should ask God and the angels to clarify the message. Furthermore, finding feathers on your path can also mean a message from someone who has passed away. (My mother recently died last month). Other words associated with feathers include truth, speed, spirit, heaven, levity, flight, and ascension.

So, when seeing a feather or feathers, be grateful for all the good things in your life. Since it has to do with levity, it is trying to tell you not to be too serious. You need to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your life. It also reminds you to listen to God. It can also mean love, indicating that someone wants to connect or communicate with you, which could be from someone who has died. It also reminds you that you are loved by many people on earth as well as in the afterlife.

So, seeing many feathers might indicate that you might receive many messages. But if you see feathers in dreams, that it is a symbol of hope, peace, and promise. White feathers mean innocence or a fresh start. Black feathers mean secret being kept.

Seashell symbolism has to do with love and fertility, but depending on the type of shell, the meaning will differ. Turtle shell symbolizes peace, fertility, and longevity. Seashells can also mean emotions and movement.


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  1. It’s funny that when we were kids our parents constantly tried to stop us from picking up feathers and it never worked.
    Interesting read – gas wise, maybe use the Unleaded Plus once in a while especially if you’re not on the freeway much.

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