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Black Bird with New Camera, Canon 7 D

This was shot 2 days ago with my new camera and I need your comments on it, as I need to learn how to drive this camera properly.

The Camera click startles this bird and it acted slightly confused. This bird knows our home in Onehunga and also knows my other camera. He avoids his picture being taken at all costs, sometimes mistaking me as a cat.

He got a bit of red eye but my computer has an application to get rid of red eye, maybe the flash came on suddenly and he got stunned. I took several of him.

These birds are your garden’s friend, they eat the bugs that eats your vegetables but they leave the bees alone. I guess this bird does not like being stung and I don’t blame him. Bees are also a gardens best friend. They pollinate your fruit.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. It’s nice that you are enjoying the new camera. I’m not really qualified to critique photos so much other than I like seeing them. The bird may get used to the new noise over time as a noise that belongs. Theree are a lot of quick help advice for using the camera on the web. I’m looking forward to the new pictures.

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