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Hello! Welcome to my Home

I cannot even imagine allowing any animal that size in my home.  It is pretty clear to me that something is going to get knocked over, turned over, bumped into, licked with a giant tongue and my imagination keeps running wild. This dog would not be invited to my home! (The german shepherd looks small.) My husband couldn’t find the other dog for about five minutes.

Sometimes I wish I could post a sign at my front door that explains the kind of home we have. Here are some things that might be posted. 

*If you take sarcasm seriously you will probably feel very uncomfortable here. We believe it is kind humor.

*If you believe that everyone here will agree with you just to be nice, you will be very disappointed.

*If you choose to simply walk in without knocking it’s fine with us, just be prepared to find things as they are. (For the record, all of our friends just come walking in. We know it’s a stranger if someone knocks.)

*If you expected to be treated with respect, here we just follow your example – so it’s on you!

It’s funny because when I go to someone’s post,  I often think that it is like visiting their home and I try to behave in a manner that behooves them.


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