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An update for my Friends and Followers

I have been away for short while. I wanted time to asses where I was going, regarding my online presence.

I does not take a genius to work out I am now back. (If only for a few weeks, before I am off on my travels again).

Overall, I am simplifying my range of activities, reducing the number of platforms and changing many processes of those I am keeping open.

To clearly consider my I needed to be away from social medias distractions.

So, I took myself off-line and off-grid. It was time for a clean-up and a little maintenance.

Well, not quite off-grid…

While life away from computer screens, keyboards, passwords and technical wizardry is wonderful and I mean Wonderful with a capitol ‘W’. It is all but impossible to live without technological tendrils taking hold as mycorrhiza on your life.

Apart from two short moments, my mobile (cell) phone was turned off the entire time. Yet tech was still around me. Computers listed my hotel bookings, counted the fuel I pumped into the car, satellite navigation helped me plot a course across unknown terrain. I needed my PIN numbers to make payments and access cash.

So called ‘safety’ cameras monitored my speed on major roads and a thousand CCTV’s watched my movements from high perches, or concealed windows, and in each store and shop I entered.

Off-Grid is no longer possible; but off-line and off social media is. I embraced this with open arms… or am I mixing my metaphors!

The result, a more relaxed me. One with a clear picture of what my aims are, regarding social media and other areas of the internet.

Do not get me wrong, I am not about to ditch all my wonderful friends and acquaintances I have made over the past few years.

Far from it.

But I have deleted my presence on sites which have shown no, or little return, in relation to the amount of effort required maintaining a profile on them.

I am also undergoing decentralisation.

My Books-Writing-Author-self, will now be a totally separate entity to my Artist-self. As shall Travel blogger-me be separate from CQ Publishing.

This re-organisation is necessary for my own mental wellbeing; besides the fact I am not getting any younger, (although I am working on that too).

Some projects I had in the pipeline, or at in the planning stage have been shelved, indefinitely. Other changes shall follow, on an ‘as and when’ basis.

This new format, once all the changes have been implemented, will give me more time to travel for pleasure and to write my books and blogs, which at the end of the day are my true passions.

As for you folks, my online friends, I would like to keep in contact with you all. So, for those sites I have left, or shall soon be leaving, check out my bio of where else you can find me.

I hope to see you there.

I am not quite back into the full swing of things yet. I still have one or two more ‘bits of stuff’ to do before I re-entre the melee of social media and marketing.

BUT… when I am totally back online, (in a day or two), I shall need all those Fantasy authors, cover designers and illustrators etc. submitting their works, excerpts, examples and articles ready for the next edition of CQ Magazine…. That is the ‘SUMMER of FANTASY’ edition.

Catch you soon, Paul.


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  1. For those of us who are “Gridlocked” in life, I suppose we need to plan our worries. I put aside a bit of time each day at the same time during which time, I seriously try to resolve the most pressing ones. When that reflective time runs out, I stop worrying! (Works for me.) hey, I’m not prescriptive, it’s a free life after all, to each his own. Superlative content Paul, thanks.

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