The Donkey Games

I travel very frequently between two cities because while I live in one city, my entire clan lives in another city. My parents and siblings put on hold all celebrations/family functions/get-togethers till I can travel and join them

My children love meeting their cousins so we really look forward to the time when I can pack my bags and travel . The only dreaded thing is the 400 km long motorway which makes the children very restless in car because they have memorised all landscape features.

To alleviate their boredom and to keep them mentally occupied, I once came up with a game. They had to think of their favourite book or movie and replace one word with “DONKEY/Donkeys” It turned out to be such a hilarious game with outrageous titles.

Some example are:

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Donkeys

Kung-Fu Donkey

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Donkeys

A Few Good Donkeys

Far from the Maddening Donkey

The Time Traveler’s Donkey

Call of the Donkey

Donkey in Wonderland

The Donkey Also Rises

The Donkey of Monte Cristo 


If you wish to join this game, please write the name of a book or movie and replace one word with DONKEY. Also give the name of original title in brackets. Write as many as you want to 😀

Let’s see how many donkeys we can come up with.


What do you think?

Written by Dawnwriter


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  1. Haha… What fun! We have similar car games with my niece and nephew; especially good in traffic jams! 😉

    Lord of the Donkeys (Rings)
    War and Donkeys (Peace)
    Along Came A Donkey (Spider)
    A Donkey’s Tale (Hobbit)
    Donkey On The Floss (Mill)

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