Receiving Smiles from Somewhere up there!

With each rose that blooms in Dustin’s rose garden there is a smile. I know Dustin is helping make his Mom happy even though he is not here. I miss him every day more than anyone knows. These tiny roses help bring a smile to my day. That is a good thing. Whatever brings us smiles we must stay close to it. Love, Happiness and Peace are the important things in life.

Life is so crazy and so short we all must hold tight to those you love. Never take one moment for granted. If someone would have told me I would only have my son 16 years I would not have believed them.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. My mom and dad would have loved these pictures. I am now caring for a few rose bushes that have been around since I have been a preteen and they have been transplanted twice now and still going strong. Beautiful.

  2. I am very sorry for your loss Carol. Stay strong. My second baby was a daughter who died soon after birth 17 years ago. Pink flowers remind me of her too. I had dressed her in baby pink after her birth and the memories never fade though by Grace of God, I am blessed with four children.

    You are so right. Life is short and we must be grateful for each blessing that comes our way. ^Hugs^

    • I am so so try Dawn that you can relate to losing a child. You never get over, only through. You are blessed to have other children. I understand that does not replace the one you lost. Hugs to you and thank you for sharing.

  3. It is cool to make your backyard a lovely memorial of those close to you who have passed on. maybe it will bring you closer with the other world for communication, maybe via dreams.

    • It is only a small spot in a rose garden with a stone and other figurines but it is a special place. Thank you Fifi. I wish I could dream.