Atlas Moths we have at our Home in Thailand

We had a lots of Atlas moths this year so many came to stay at our home and lay Eggs in the trees. We had over 50 pairs in the trees and bushes. Here are some photos you can see and share.

Welcome to share my photos with friends and family. They live only a short while and die in the garden and in 2 days everything is gone.

Such a lovely thing to live for only a short life span day not months or years.

The Atlas Moth makes nests in the trees and lays 100s eggs and then if the weather is not to cold will hatch into more Moths.

This  year we have had very heavy Rain and more cooler at night so I am now sure how the eggs will do.

Lets just wait and see how the eggs get on, if we are lucky I can show you lots more in the garden soon.


What do you think?

Written by Charles law