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A Note to Younger Versions of Me! You Did it! I kinda knew you would! ;D And here is a Little Meditation for YOU! My Gift!

If I’d only  known then what I know now… now  that I’m older… Your Gonna Do Great!

If the older me could have secretly spoken to the younger versions of  me… Oh, the anxiety I could have been saved! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could time travel to ourselves and give ourselves what we need…

Maybe we can… Close you eyes and follow me!

If older me could pick up the baby me and hold her… how sweet that would be….those toes…

Put your hand on your heart… Close your eyes… envision a little you! So small, so sweet. Send her love!

Keep your hand on your heart….

Envision 4 year old you… still the world is new… send her love now. The little girl in the hand-me-downs!

Seven  year old you… so brave… you learned so much in a few years… your sweet face… enjoying the sweetness of life.

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 Envision Ten year old you… A tom boy catching tadpoles in the pond. Pigtails and backyard swings… finding turtles in our backyard in Kentucky… running with my sister and brothers…

Keep your hand on your heart and one on your abdomen… just below your belly button… send yourself love… your gonna need it later to remember who you really are someday… you can send yourself the love you missed… that pat on the back you needed and maybe it was missed. I love you so. 

Teenage you… so fun! Happy. A boyfriend or two. Friends and a few Mean Girls too… You are so bright… I send you love… Your going to have a beautiful life… (you aren’t aware of it yet!) You are actually pretty self-assured… Others just don’t  realize how amazing even they are… so they can’t always see you… And some people say stupid things to you… but that happens… I wish I could have hugged you then and told you, “Haters Gonna Hate!” But… you ain’t one of them my home girl!!!

I send you the love now… that you missed… I am here to tell you… you will discover what some of life is about…  Do we ever know it all???  You will find meaning in the pains…. and the pains will come… but you will survive… you always have… I love you so…

Twenty year old you… you will marry a boy who will love you forever… and you will have your own beautiful boy… who you both will love forever… Even though some of life will be hard…. you will get up and walk thru… you always have…I love you so… I would never let you go…

One hand on my heart… on on my belly… I send you love now… 20 year old you! xo

Thirty-five year old me…. I send you love… .. but you have been through 3 tubal  pregnancies. In-laws, Out-laws, weird neighbors, people you thought where your friends…family you thought would love you…. you  made some real friends You tried so hard sometimes… You raised a beautiful child… If know one told you… I am telling you now… you have done amazing… you did your more than best …  you are a good parent…you showed up for people…. your honest and kind… Not everyone recognizes it…thats okay! I love you!

I send you love now that you may have missed then... Cause it wasn’t easy…. and some people made it harder then life needed to be… but I remind myself often… to go with the flow more, worry less, be free to be YOU!

Stay TRUE TO YOU… when others keep saying … “Be someone Else”… Keep Being You!!!  I love you!!!

The Older you says, “Be Braver!!!” 

Forty-Two year old YOU! This is the calm before the storm… and there will be a storm my friend!

By now you have a few tattoos, you have a  certificate that certifies you to teach yoga… but who really can teach yoga?;D You are braver then you use to be… your gonna need that! Hair grown out from that short bob, son out of college, you finished college, you moved into your  dreamy home. You are pretty funny and  pretty too!!! You make a good chocolate chip,  walnut, butter scotch chip pie…. your trying  your best… your best at what?  We are all always trying to hold ourselves together…  Both in-laws have passed away by now… a lot has happened to prepare you… prepare for what??? You’ll see, the storm!

I love you so, I’d never let you go!

Forty-seven year old you

You woke up (in many ways ) … went to yoga ~ wanted to go to your favorite restaurant afterwards~ but no, you listened to that inner voice and headed home, the voice said, “Just Go Home!” and you did. ( I knew you were smart!)   It started storming as you stopped to go through the bank drive thru … raining as hard as anyone can imagine….you went home because you knew the dogs  (Sebby and Tucker) would be scared. As soon as you walked in the garage door to the house~ you bent down to pet Tucker… Sebby was hiding in the closet…and heard a sound like a bomb the size of an oven exploded ~ in your house… our sweet home was hit by lightning and set your roof on fire! And, life changed…

I send love to you 47 year old Missy… I send you the love you didn’t feel… couldn’t get find from others…. you found it in yourself.  I send you strength and I congratulate you on your bravery. I congratulate you for all the times you got back up. I’m sorry for the loneliness you felt…I am sorry you were sad. I am sorry some parts had to be so hard… harder then they needed to be… but here you are… still!

I love you so… I would never let you go. 

A Little Daily Prayer…

May you and all beings have the happiness you deserve… Its Our BirthRight! Hand on our Hearts!

May you and all beings be Happy… You were born to be Happy! Breath that in!

May you and all being be Healthy… You deserve Perfect Health!

May you and all beings… Live with Ease.

May you and all beings, Be Healed!!!

One  Hand on My Heart … One on my low belly… I am so proud of who you have become.

My loves Sebby and Tucker. My son  and husband were not home during the fire. Sebby and Tucker were with me everyday after the fire… they always were a support. I love them so and they love me!

You can always close your eyes, and send love to younger versions of yourself…Parts of you where maybe you needed a little more love, or any love. You can heal yourself and little part at a time. You deserve it!


What do you think?


  1. Love this post! I used to have bad anxiety when I was younger especially when I was in a situation being under pressure. It made me really nervous. Over time I just broke out of it.