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Giving A Room A Fresh Purpose!!!!

I painted my gray fireplace screen and tools with heat resistant white spray paint. We hardly ever us the living room, and my office with...

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The Cockapoo Mafia Life… The CPM! This is How We Roll!

We are The CPM (Cockapoo Mafia)... this is our Life! We are really into yoga. This is me... Tucker... in savasana... Sometimes  our human  comes... and...

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Good Bye 49… Hello 50! I await you and your Wisdom!!! xo

Today is the last day I will be 49!!!! Bye 49 year old me... I LOVED you so!!!  I have tried to take care of...

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A Note to Younger Versions of Me! You Did it! I kinda knew you would! ;D And here is a Little Meditation for YOU! My Gift!

If I'd only  known then what I know now... now  that I'm older... Your Gonna Do Great! If the older me could have secretly spoken...

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