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365 Photos Challenge #144 through #148

Here are the photos. 

#144 My daughter in laws hair. 

#145 Luna thought it tasted as good as it looked. 

#146 We took their Doberman Pinscher and my Aussie Doby mix pup for a walk by the pier on Memorial Day. 

# 147 It was good socialization for them. They met so many people, and dogs.

 We got asked a bunch of times if they were mother and daughter. lol 

They are not related. They just look a lot a like.

#148 Taking a break..

And a few more.. Me multitasking. Teaching the pup to stay while out in a heavy traffic area. This is one of the many mural paintings. Made for a cute puppy shot. 

And this one..similar to the one above, but with my daughter in law in the frame.

And this one of just Luna, (the puppy). 

Lastly is just Lily (doberman) and my daughter in law. I thought it was cute. I love catching moments like these.. There was a mean chihuahua barking and scaring Lily, while Becca reassures her that that mean ole saber-toothed Chi was firmly locked inside the fence. lol 

Later we all met up and had a great BBQ! 

I hope you had a great weekend. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I love your dogs, I have a special place in my heart for dobes as well. And your daughter in law is beautiful with all that hair! I could not figure out at first what it was! Great photos!

    • Thank you Carol, they are great dogs for sure.What a pleasure training them, they are so smart.
      Love that hair right? I wish more people didnt think it was weird or that you are homeless. . We even got asked if we needed food, someone thought we were homeless. giggles. Maybe I should dress up more. hahaha.