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365 Photos Challenge, 8 days behind…

So,  you know what that means?  

Well, that means I get to share 8 days worth of photos… Grins… I love sharing pretty stuff. Here is what’s blooming in my yard. 

#170 Some say these are pretty.. What do you think? This was not zoomed, and straight out of the camera.

It is an Orb Weaver Spider.

# 171 My hibisicus is blooming again. I almost killed it by putting it in the wrong kind of soil. I thought I had bought potting soil, when I had bought garden mix. The soil I bought was to be added to dirt in your garden. It burned the plant almost to the point that there was no saving it. It lost all of its leaves…

#172 Dark Pink.. Most of my plants are in pots. The soil here is almost all sand and very salty. 

#173 My tiny pine tree I transplanted from the wild. He is still alive!!! The puppy helped me take this picture. See the piece on the soil? : (  She topped it.. 

#174 Is the plant I have chosen for a ground cover. I don’t like grass, and they are actually trying to ban people from having it here. Or at least the watering of it. This was taken from a cutting down the road. I love it’s tiny blue flowers..  : ) 

#175 Pansies.. I also love purples!! 

#176 This is called Stock. It smells heavenly!! 

#177 I have different colors of pink all in one pot. 

# 178 This finishes eight days worth.. 

This is growing up the Eucalyptus Trees that border the road outside our property. 

A back lit petunia… See the damage a monarch caterpillar did to it? Thanks to Alex for the ID, I put it in the ice plant outside of the fence.. I hope it stayed on that side. 

And of course who was also helping from her outside bed, was LILY, the supervisor. Yes, that is a cardboard box you see in the back, with a chair cushion. The perfect bed! 

I hope you enjoyed the flowers! Have a great day. 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I always enjoy your galleries Kim. Would love those tiny purple flowers. Never heard of Stock but sounds awesome. And Lily is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you Branka, I was looking for that darkest deep burgundy but they didn’t have it. The pink was my second pink but I love it. It blooms like crazy.