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#149 and more ~~~ 365 Photos Challenge ~~~Just for Fun!

What makes me happy? Sharing my walks! Finding interesting things to take photos of, the dogs, and family.. 

Here are some photos I snapped this last few days. I will explain them as I go..

I took a lot of flower photos that I thought I would save and share after this post. For now, there are these….

The one I used for the cover, the broken piece of tile.. #149

#150 Luna, my doberman aussie puppy.

#151 The big old tree on the hill. 

#152. The abandoned park..

Now I am caught up on the 365 photos…

This makes me happy, seeing the dogs have so much fun running and chasing those pesky wabbits, and well… just being dogs! 

Meika my wolfdog.

The mustard sure is blooming!! 

The cut all the trees down in this old park last year. I thought theyre would be a shopping mall or parking garage here by now..

Luna had to check out why I was taking pictures of that tree. lol

This wind mill or turbine was next door..

I hope you enjoyed these photos, and our walk. Have a great day! 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. It seems like happiness for you and your dogs…
    and me!!
    Love the old tree on the hill photo, very nice blue sky!! 🙂
    Dog with cut down tree trunk is nice too!!