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365 Photos Challenge

Dog training! 

One of our most favorite things to do is get treats! 

Here are my two and my sons two dogs, practicing sitting and staying. Easy to get them all in one photo if there are treats involved. Some may recognize the first photo, I just used it for my CSI quiz.#184

#185 Meika up! 

 #186 She thought it was good. lol that face

#187 Luna up!

The others got to do it too, but the pictures were blurry. lol. I love these guys!! 

#188 Back at the house, more things I love. My hibiscus has another bloom! 

#189 Closer

#190 My columbine flower.

#191 Another angle..

#192 I love how the inside blends from purple to white.. 

I am all caught up again in the challenge! 

Have a great day. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


    • I use positive reinforcement. I start off with treats as pups, along with praise. Then I find what each dogs fav thing is. Some its praise, some its treats and some its a toy. When working with an off lead pack its easiest to use the treat system, along with praise, they always get that. I say a real quick and happy, Yes! Then treat.