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Five days of the 365 Photos Challenge! And my random left over photos..

The 365 challenge is always a good place for those random photos that just don’t seem to fit anywhere.. 

Here are mine starting out where I left off five days ago. 

Number 153 was a Palm Tree at sunset the same tree as the original for the cover. 

#155 My daughter in law’s new orchid. 

Isn’t it pretty.

#156 is the one I gave her years ago. It’s a mini! 

#157 Two weeds….. It’s probably medicinal. Rex? 

# 158 Is a tree. The patterns really caught my eye. 

I am caught up again! 

Have a great day, and share your world…


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. This is one way to get caught up! I love those orchids. They are stunning. And the shadow photo. All of your photos are so cool Kim. Have a great day!