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Wheelbarrow with flowers.

Robin Biznis June 3.2019 Belgrade ,Serbia

In 2002 year , when I bought the building site, I started to build a house.#Imagination

 From the rest, I needed a wheelbarrow to transport sand, gravel, soil and later to grass. But in time, the wheelbarrow has collapsed. As I’ve already seen people use an old wheelbarrow for various I applied things to be one big flowerpot for me.First I painted it on the outside with metallic green in color. Then I filled it with soil and planted flowers. For several years, we changed the types of flowers.Every year, permanent flowering plants like Tratincica-Belis PerenisL remain.

                                         In this picture Traticica Bellis perennis L. is up.with viola down.                                      

Tratinčica, permanent quail, katarzyna, sparkle, whitish, curly, behar and drunk, petrovac, krasuljak, white labor or white is a perennial leafy ornamental and medicinal plant from the family of hazelnuts. Scientific name: Bellis perennisHigher classification: Bellissourcečica

Down is small Viola tricolor subdp.arvensis

Now you can see  classic flower with us called Day and Night. 

                                                                       Viola tricolor subs.Hortensis

About Viola:”Day-night, maid, tricolour violet, violet, milf, wheat or colored violet (Viola tricolor) is a Violet plant family.Family: ViolaceaeGender: ViolaSpecies: V. tricolorBinomial nameViola tricolor


Small business for a man and very pleasant for his eyes as well as for passers-by who pass by our house.This is just one of the examples where you can plant flowers.You can use pots, old car tires, old, worn-out shoe, boots, wheelbarrow and various kinds of boxes that you can paint in various colors.In fact everything depends on your imagination and will.


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  1. How beautiful. I love seeing wildflowers growing in things such as a wheelbarrow. Looks very cozy in the yard. And I saw the pansies as well. Beautiful!