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The word imagine is literally derived from, IMAGE IN your head. Every creator has an abundance of those. Artists, Writers, Directors, product creators, designers, scientists, without it I fear, without it,we as a species might have died millions of years ago. from Latin imaginari “to form a mental picture, picture to oneself, imagine” (also, in Late Latin imaginare “to form an image of, represent”), from imago “an image, a likeness,” from stem of imitari “to copy, imitate” Sense of “suppose, assume” is first recorded late 14 century.

Imagining something is to form a picture of it in your mind, so when you are imagining something, you are forming a mental image of it inside your head, that’s called, imagination. A good clue is the word image. Imagining sometimes means to guess or believe it to be.

  • Do you have a good imagination?

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    • We can’t get anywhere just dreaming Lado, The doers,(realistic people) are as important. I had a friend like you, who showed me a great example of why dreamers need practical people to give life to their abstract dreams. He brought me a blueprint from the technical department where the wall he had to build indicated a “bent brick”. As we all well know, bricks don’t bend! It took the artist a long time to understand why his beautiful creation could not work without having to first create a special expensive mould for it to be created because in the real world it was impractical.

  1. Of course, I’m quite aware that you make good, effective use of your imagination, was it Moody Blues that had a song, about thinking is the best way to travel? Elon Musk is an excellent example, see where his imagination has taken him so far.

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