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Try to relax & Enjoy your day

Hello Everyone, well I’ve had a rough few days lately trying to get rid of a cold that my sweet hubby decided to share with me last week & then I had to go out & pay bills so that meant getting warm then cold then back warm again & so on.

I know now why people pay their bills online now so they don’t have to deal with this kind of thing getting out in the weather & around other people that are sick if I trusted the internet more I think I’d be doing the same thing myself as well.

BUT that’s the way it goes right? so to relax & make my day better I just do my best to enjoy the day the best way I know how & that’s to watch the fish play in my indoor fish tank I made from a tote, yes a clear see through tote, ?

Did you know that a Fish pond or even a tank can make your day go that much better? Something about the sound of the water (the pump) flowing & the fish swimming around just takes all your troubles away & leaves you in a Daze. ?



I have to say I’m one that can tell you that what I’m saying is true cause it’s the best way to relax & rid your head of thoughts is to just watch the fish in the tank swimming around & listen to the sounds of the water & relax a while.

Back when I was fishing just to kill the day, that would always put me in a better mood rather I caught anything or not, cause I was out of the house in some fresh air & relaxing by the water & getting rid of my thoughts. ?

So rather your a stay at home kind of person or one that likes to get out there’s always a way to relax & enjoy the day,  I hope you enjoyed this on how to make your day that much better when you have no other way to do it but to deal with it. I know how hard it can be to find a little peace in your life so this should do the trick, if not, I have another way to do it. ❓

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  1. My son loved to fish and he would say he didn’t care if he caught anything or not, now I understand he just liked being out in the boat. I like rainy days, like today, when I don’t have to get out. Life is too short not to relax and enjoy!

    • Thank you for your reply, yes there’s all kinds of ways to make
      tanks but you really have to know your stuff to make them work
      cause it takes more than just what most people think it does.

      If I had the space I would like to have me a COFFEE table tank
      that I think is pretty awesome if you enjoy watching fish swim
      I have seen them & they are so cool but with 2 BIG dogs inside
      that would be asking for trouble.

    • I understand what your saying, they can be a little on the
      down side of having to keep them clean at all times so it
      requires your time for that unless you have a tank cleaner
      & a efficient size pump to keep the water clean & filtered.

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