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Top 5 Flowers that attract butterflies to the Garden

Gardeners need to plant more flowers that attract butterflies and bees. Butterflies could soon suffer the same fate as bees if we don’t offer them a safe place to survive. By planting flowers to attract butterflies even the small scale gardener will be helping to preserve the lives of these creatures and our food supply. There are numerous flowers that attract butterflies but here is my top 5.


Asters are not only beautiful but they are a magnet for butterflies. In my garden it is the number one attraction for all types of butterflies.


The vivid yellow and orange colors of marigolds are loved by butterflies. These easy to grow annuals can keep blooming until fall.


The flowers on the mallow plant are vibrant and beautiful and grow profusely. They are a member of the hibiscus family.

Purple coneflower

These tall stately flowers are a favorite of butterflies. Also known as Echinacea, they attract not only butterflies but also songbirds.

 Shasta Daisy

Shasta daisies are cheerful perennials that grow tall and stately and are an attractive addition to any garden.

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Written by Gloridaze

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  1. Beautiful publication, for photographs, which are beautiful, but also for the message in words. Very good, Gloridaze. Congratulations.
    Note: That of the hibiscus family, the mallow, is known in Venezuela as ‘cayena’ and ‘cachupinas’ and there are many shapes, pints, sizes and colors. The one you show here did not know her.

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