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Keeping the Beauty of Life ~ 365 Photos Challenge #135

Many of us love plants. In addition to gardening, many of us also like to have plants in pots because we can put it in a place we like and that will definitely give the beauty of life in that place.

In order for the living beauty to survive, to be fertile and to flourish, to blossom and to bear fruit, we must treat it properly and accordingly with its kind, specificity, and needs. The need for sunlight for example, which must be adjusted, also with the portion of water needed in addition to the proper fertilizer. And to support its beauty, we can place it in beautiful pots.

If we look at the beauty that lives like that, it seems like as we looking at the beauty of life ourselves. We as well must give all that life needs to maintain the beauty of our lives. In accordance with our peculiarities as human beings with our four dimensions; physical, mental, emotional/social and spiritual that each has its own needs, then we should also care about the proportional and appropriate intake for each.

Unfortunately, many of us are less fairly caring about it so our balance is disrupted. In general, we care more about or prioritize the needs that we recognize and perceived by the mind where usually it is our outer and most outer needs, our physical, whether it is basic as food clothing and housing, or just an accent complement of beauty. The deeper, like the mental and emotional, the more difficult to adjust and fulfill the needs, the balance, so that the beauty of our lives weakens.

The most difficult is to meet the spiritual needs because we generally barely know what our spiritual needs really need. As we become our stomach that conscious who feeling hungry at certain times, and like our tongues who want certain foods, we also have to be our own soul to know what it needs. Maybe we feel able to ignore this, but inside there, there will be hunger and thirst that can not be fulfilled forever. After all, is there still the beauty of living in a beautiful pot with dead plants?

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  1. Amazing! This post I have posted on Saturday and just today being publicized (“9 hours ago” – the first time I read this). This is the slowest publication for me. I realized this after being inactive for three days…

  2. In depth topic that I don’t have enough knowledge about to share…
    But worth thinking about – only if we know how to better get in touch with our “spiritual level”

    • My dear friend, as when one wakes up after a long enough coma and just survives with “infusion” and then feels hungry or thirsty, that’s when he (at some level) realizes life. When the need is realized it is far more important than what will be eaten and how to eat it as the second step.

        • In fact, it is a most primary need but because this dimension is less vocal in saying its needs such as hunger for the stomach, it is generally not realized as a priority, even when a person has experienced the impact in severe mental disorder levels.