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I Have Outdone Myself

I was going to spend the summer learning more about weaving, but ended up learning some valuable woodworking skills and making tools for weaving instead. The best thing about making tools, aside from the cost factor, is that new ideas can be implemented along the way. For example, I made this tapestry loom for a friend, but then decided to add an adjustment bar so that she can use it to make projects of different sizes. Before giving it to her, I wanted to try it out and make sure it worked well. So I made this small pouch with a pencil holder as an accessory to my golf bag and will use it in the morning.

I made this loom by hand, using scrap lumber. The hardest part was getting the slits straight without having any break. The adjustment bar was a good idea which worked well, so I believe I will make one of those for each of my own looms as well.

The handle on the pouch is square I-cord made on one of my hand-made lucets which you may have seen here.


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Written by Ann Hartley


  1. For myself, I’ve often found it to be the case that I learn something about tools or some seemingly unrelated knowledge that ultimately makes me a better artist

    My takeaway from these events was to cast a wide net, do and learn a lot of out of band things to expand myself and somehow my artistic talent grows with me…

    • Thank you Sandra, I am just learning, but I must say it is coming easier to me that anything I ever learned before. I must have been a carpenter in a previous life.