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Hand-Made Tools for Weaving

I love wood and one of the attractions of weaving beside it being an enjoyable way to make neat things to use is that the looms and accessories are usually made from wood. Unfortunately that makes them quite expensive and if you are new to weaving as I am, you might not want to spend a fortune trying out different tools just to see which ones work for you and which don’t. When I wove my first rug I discovered that there were necessary tools that I just didn’t have. I decided to try to make one of them and not only was it fun, but the tool worked so well I made a few more like it. Soon I was making many different kinds of tools out of wood, including the lucet I use as an avatar. I had to rob my piggy bank to buy better woodworking tools, but they are forever and will more than pay for themselves.

The wood? A local lumberyard has a scrap heap from which the public is encouraged to take anything we can use. Some people take the free wood for camping, but I am using it to make tools for weaving.


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Written by Ann Hartley

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