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This 4″ table saw is amazing. It was for sale on Amazon at a “used” price, which often means the box is torn or dirty, and yes, it was in this instance. The saw itself looked, felt, and smelled brand-new, however, and it even had the original user manual with pictures, which was a good thing given that I wasn’t sure how to assemble some of the loose parts, never having used this kind of saw before. It was pretty much love as soon as I turned it on, though, as it purred like a kitten and sliced through my wood like butter.

You see top right a face protection device that Harbor Freight had in stock for under $4 and below it some of the tools I have carved out of scrap wood. Face protection should be use when working with any power tool, but it is especially important working with scrap lumber because you never know what is going to happen if you hit a hidden nail or knot or even just a weak spot in the wood.

I had been carving my tools with a pocket knife and after some time decided to get some good hand tools for woodworking.  A Shinto rasp is delightful for roughing and shaping. Files are handy too and come in all sizes and shapes.  Because I don’t buy blanks for carving I needed a saw to help clean up my found lumber in order to neatly stack it and size it for projects.

Below the mask are three of my custom tools. The little needle on top is uniform in size and shape but smaller than the one that came with my first loom so I can use it with a tighter warp. The other two are oddly shaped to fit their purpose, one with a twist in the handle and a curved tip. The other has a moderate curve so that it can be used to push the weft up with more force in the middle than at the two ends.

Now I have a mini-lathe and a saw. Can you think any other mini-power tools that I will probably need to continue this kind of work? Do you have any favorite tools, whether powered or not?


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Written by Ann Hartley

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    • I had been looking for one this size for a long time. I have a pretty good scroll saw, but it is too big to leave out or easily transport, so it ends up being rather useless. This saw is perfect and now I will start looking for a scroll saw this good in this size.

  1. sounds like you got a heck of a deal there & something that you really needed
    I don’t use stuff as that I’m old fashion I rather use the old hand saw on cutting
    cause I don’t trust machine saws, my husband does all the BIG cutting I need done.


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